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Happn Overview

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  • Possibility to register with a Facebook account
  • All the necessary functions are free
  • View member profiles for free
  • Hide your location for a limited time
  • Matches are based on users' geolocation only
  • Users cannot search for matches on their own
  • You must purchase a membership to fully view the profiles of other members

Happn is a mobile application released in 2014 in France. The Happn mobile app creator is French critic Didier Rappaport, who has been working in the architecture and digital field for over ten years. In his opinion, Happn is his best project. The Happn application uses geolocation technologies. That is, Happn shows you only those users with whom you may have recently met within one week. Perhaps you go to the same store or flew with him or her on the same plane, perhaps you work on the same street or buy coffee from the same coffee shop.

Suppose you liked the participant, click on the “heart” icon. The application is relevant in big cities where a large number of people are looking for online dating.

The main purpose of the application is to meet the participants of the application online, who met and happened to be near each other in real life. Happn is free to download on iOS, Android, and Windows. To use all the functions of the application, the member will have to purchase a premium membership. With the help of paid features, you can find who likes you, and you can also enable “Invisibility Mode” if you want to hide your profile at any time you choose. As soon as the “Invisibility Mode” is turned on, you will become invisible to other users.

Happn Review

How does it work?

Happn’s main task is to match people who physically came across each other within 250 meters. It is better to use the application in large cities, where is a higher chance that you will see a large number of people, on the way to work, to a cafe or a store. The Happn profile matching system calculates the people who walked by you during a day and offers several options for dating. You will see the participants’ profiles and their photos. If you like the participant you can send him or her a “heart,” if you are not interested in the participant’s profile, you can go to the next match.

How does it work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

There are two ways to register on the Happn app:

  • The first way is to register via Facebook account;
  • Method two is to register via the mobile phone number

If you don’t want to waste your time registering, you can link your Facebook account to your Happn profile. If you choose the second method of registration in the Happn application, you will have to specify the following data:

  • Name;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Sex

You will also need to fill in additional information about yourself, for example:

  • Information about your work;
  • Education information;
  • Description of appearance, character, and positive qualities.

Also, during registration, you must indicate who you are looking for:

  • Man;
  • Woman;
  • Both

Once you enter your information, you can purchase a premium membership and access all of the Happn app features.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile interface

After registration on the Happn, the user must create a profile. The user is allowed to upload up to 9 profile photos. It’s very convenient to sync your photos from Instagram or Facebook to Happn’s profile. Some information about you will be displayed in your application:

  • Photo;
  • Name;
  • Age;
  • Sex;
  • Job;
  • Education;
  • Distance;
  • Description you wrote;
  • Date of last activity in the application.

If you want to hide this information, you will need to purchase a premium subscription of Happn.

Profile interface


In the Happn app participants cannot search for each other manually. The user profile matching system uses GPS to calculate whether participants have encountered each other in real life. There will be a map in front of you, and the place where you met with this participant will be indicated, you will find out his name, age, and profession. A Happn member has an opportunity to rate the profile of another user by clicking on the “heart,” which means liking. If you do not like another user and do not want to go out with him or her, then press X and go to the assessment of the profile of another member.

Communication on the Happn app takes place in chat and voice messages. The user can send a 1-minute voice message. If the participant does not know how to start chatting, he can send “Hello”, which means that you want to chat with this participant.


Members structure and activities

The Happn app has over 50 million registered members. The application is popular in India, the USA, Great Britain, France, Brazil, and the Netherlands. The number of men on the site is 60%, and 40% are women. More than 450,000 users download the application monthly.

Members structure and activities

Users age

The age category of people using the application varies, but usually stands about 25-34 years old.

Users age

Sexual preferences

During registration, the user of Happn must indicate his or her gender, as well as indicate who you are looking for

  • Man;
  • Woman

People with different sexual orientations and preferences can also register on the Happn app. Here you may meet users with heterosexual orientation, bisexuals, gays, and lesbians.

Sexual preferences

Race And Ethnicity

People of different races and ethnicity can use the Happn app. There are no restrictions here, no matter what nation you are representing, Happn application is an international application for dating all over the world.

Race And Ethnicity

Religious Orientation

Users of the Happn application can be of different faiths and hold different religious views. During user registration, there is no question about the faith, the comparison of participants’ profiles has nothing to do with the participants’ religious preferences.

Happn dating app features

Happn provides its users with several interesting and unique features with which a member can enhance and personalize their profile. Happn application functions:

  • Voice Messages;
  • Hello;
  • Crush time;
  • I’m up for;
  • My music selection;
  • Interactive map

The Voice Messages feature does not imply video chat; you can send voice messages to the participants you like.

The “Hello” functions can be used when you want to chat with another user. TheHappn application gives each new user ten “Hello”. If you run out of “Hello”, you can get them after purchasing a premium subscription.

“Crush Time” is a lot of fun. You will see profiles of 4 participants with whom you recently met; then you will need to choose which of them you like, if the admiration is mutual, you will have a chance to send an instant message to this user.

With the help of the “I’m up for” function, the user shares information about what he is going to do within six hours. If you liked his idea and want to participate the activity, click on the “I’m in” button.

My Music Selection syncs your music to your Spotify account. You can send your favorite tracks and music to your favorite.

The Interactive Map function allows the participants of the Happn application to find people who, within one week, came across with them and were in the same places. On the interactive map you can indicate the places where you have been for the last seven days, and the application will instantly find the profiles of people who were in the same places as you a week ago.

Happn dating app features

Safety & Security

Some people think that the Happn app is unsafe because it shows your location within a radius of 250 meters, but this does not mean that the app is tracking you, and all other participants can see your movement. Even now, you need to be careful, and you need to adhere to several security rules, for example: do not share your information on the Internet. Happn offers new users a rather long list of tips and advice about what not to do in the application. If it bothers you that the application asks for access to your location, you can turn off GPS for some time, for instance, if you are at work and do not want employees to know that you are using it. TheHappn user can also enable the “Invisibility Mode” which is a premium feature. You can schedule your invisibility at any time.

Is Happn legit or scam service?

There are many fakes because theHappn profiles do not pass verification, and a fraudster can easily create a fake profile. If you notice a fake profile, be sure to notify the support service. You have to be very careful and tell your friends and acquaintances that you are going on a date. Choose a crowded place, and do not give out all information about yourself to a stranger.

Is Happn legit or scam service?

Subscription types and price

To use all the services and Happn application features, you must purchase a premium subscription. You can find the subscription prices below.

Free membership

Happn free features include:

  • Registration in the application
  • Creation of a profile
  • Sending likes
  • Viewing other users’ profile photos
  • Match function
  • The ability to chat with members who reciprocated a like you sent

Happn Paid features include:

  • No ads on your screen;
  • Configurable privacy policy;
  • Ability to send ten Hellos every day;
  • Crush Time game available;
  • Ability to enable the invisibility function

Cost of Happn Premium membership:

  • One Month- $24.99
  • Six Months- $89.99
  • One year- $119.99

After registering and purchasing a premium membership, the user receives ten credits as a gift. Credits are needed to use some functions: “I’m Free To” if you want to try it out, click on the “+” button, then several circles with different options will appear:

  • Catch a movie;
  • Go out;
  • Grab a bite;
  • Get a drink;
  • Go for a walk;
  • Go for a run;

If you want to join an event, you must spend one credit to let the attendees know that “I’m in.” Credits can also be used if you want to send “Hello” to someone you don’t know. You can also earn credits if you invite your friends. The more friends you invite, the more credits you will have. After you run out of credits, you can purchase them in the application. See the cost of credits below:

Cost of Happn credits:

  • 10 Coins- $2.99
  • 60 Coins-$ 14.99
  • 100 Coins-$ 16.99
  • 250 Coins-$ 39.99
Free membership

Website design and usability

The Happn application has a simple, modern, and intuitive interface. As for its usability, you can easily understand how the application works and what functions it has. There is no search engine in Happn; it only displays the participants near you within a radius of 250 meters.

Mobile application

To get acquainted with Happn, you must first download the application on your mobile device. Happn can be downloaded from any store: App Store, Google Play Market, Windows. Enter “Happn” in the search field and download it to your phone, it’s easy and will take a minimum amount of time. The application works without any glitches and restrictions, and what is most important, you can download it for free. It is very easy to use the application; you can get to know other participants on the way to work or university.

Contact information

Company: JSC Happn

Address: Gordon House, Borrow Street Dublin 4, Ireland.


Email: [email protected]


Happn is a French app that helps you meet people using their location. The application will send you daily profile pictures of people with whom you met and were in the same place. Click on the member’s profile photo, and you will see where did you come across him on the map. It only shows you Happn users near you (within a radius of 250 meters). If you like someone and if they reciprocate you with admiration, you can make an appointment. Filters can be configured in the profile feed so the specified parameters are applied, such as age match candidates.

Happn calculates how often have you got your paths crossed with a person in a public space and invites you to get to know him better. Also, in the profile of each user, you can see a map with your shared places. Download of the Happn app may be your fate really close.

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