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LoveAndSeek Review – An Extensive Analysis

Dating site to search for your perfect match.

LoveAndSeek Overview

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  • Popularity-: A viral Christian dating site hence provides an opportunity to meet a lot of new people.
  • Video introduction: A feature of adding and sending video introductions makes this website stand out from others.
  • Instant messages: Users can send and receive instant messages.
  • Faith: Customization of your profile based on the level of Church involvement is possible.
  • Affordability: LoveAndSeek offers very reasonable rates than most of its competitors.
  • Messaging- Free members cannot communicate with the potential matches as they cannot send instant messages.
  • No chat rooms- No forums or chat rooms are made available on the platform.
  • Compatibility- The compatibility checks on the platform seem to be a bit shallow.

If you are a religious Christian and seek a similar partner, LoveAndSeek might be the ideal website for you. This review will help you to understand the reason behind the same.

The world of online dating is vast and sometimes can be confusing. There are a lot of apps specifically designed for individuals of a particular country or race, or ethnicity. LoveAndSeek is one such website which focuses mainly on matching religious Christian individuals for dating.

Basic functioning of the website

Basic functioning of the website

The website is pretty simple to use. First, you will have to register yourself on the platform. It will take around 5-7 minutes. Then you will see the member profiles. You can instantly message someone you like or add them to your favorite. You can also send a video introduction and messages. Another quirky feature of the website is ‘Flirts,’ about which is written later. The website is a paid platform, and the exclusive features are available only for paid users. The website maintains safety and security well.

Overall, LoveAndSeek provides an enjoyable, sleek, and well-maintained experience to the users.

How to sign up and login?

Generally, it is observed that most Christian dating websites have a lengthy and complicated sign-up process. This website, however, is an exception. It offers a straightforward and quick sign-up process. All you need is a verified email ID. You will have to provide your gender and your birthday. You will be asked to create a login ID and a password. Make sure you create a secure and complex password to avoid your account from getting compromised. You will also have to add a profile picture. Make sure you upload a good profile picture to attract more matches. The website insists on putting up a profile picture and prompts you to do so by telling you that you are ‘invisible’ until you post a photo. You are also provided with an option of writing something about yourself, which one might call a ‘bio’ in modern-day social media language. One thousand two hundred fifty characters are available to write the bio.

Layout of the profile

Layout of the profile

A LoveAndSeek profile looks pretty cool and simple. Your profile photo is located on the top left. Besides it is your personal information, namely-

  • Username
  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Height.

Under these details, two buttons are provided. They are-

  1. Send message
  2. Send flirt

The following three sections are present below this. They are

  1. About-

It has all the necessary information about you, which includes your appearance and your background.

  1. Photos-

This section will display all the photos uploaded by you. You will be allowed to upload a maximum of 30 photos on your profile.

  1. History-

This tab will be present when you visit some other member’s profile. It will show you in detail about every interaction with that member.

At the bottom of all of this, the short paragraph of ‘bio’ you wrote about yourself and the type of person of your interest will be seen. The website emphasizes this personally written paragraph more than the fields that you filled.

Some additional facts about your profile layout-

  • You can see whether a member is online or not in the member search display.
  • You cannot know whether a user is a premium member or not.
  • Your profile information and photo gallery is open and will be visible to everyone.
  • Unless you upload a profile photo, your profile will remain invisible.

How to match and communicate on the website?

How to match and communicate on the website?

Communication with the profiles you like is an essential part of forming a connection. On LoveAndSeek, you can have multiple communication tools to establish contact with the members according to your choice. However, specific communication tools are available only for premium members. So, communication methods can be broadly classified into two groups- for free users and the ones with a premium membership.

If you have a free membership, you cannot send instant messages. You can add the profiles you like into a favorites section so that you can easily access them later. You can also send out flirts to the profiles of your choice. However, only the ones with a premium membership can view the flirts sent to them.

Paying members get all the premium options available. If you are a paying member, you can access the instant messaging feature. You can send out flirts and add people to your favorites list. You can also view the flirts sent out to you and know about the profiles who have put you in their favorites list.

Some other facts-

  • Even if you are a free member, you can always like other people’s photos.
  • The search feature is available to everybody.

How Are The Members Of The Website

LoveAndSeek is available only in Canada and the USA. Therefore, a majority of the members on the website are from the USA. Approximately 95% of the members on the website are from the USA. It makes up around 500,000 members from a single country. The rest of the members are Canadians. The website garners around 14,000 logins daily.

Average age of the users

Since this is a dating website, most of the traffic on the website is either young or middle-aged. The ages of the members range from 18 years to 55 years. The highest number of members using the website are between

35 to 44 years of age. The members generally are looking for a serious and long-term relationship.

Sexual Preference Of The followers

Since this is a dating website based on religious interests, members with straight orientation only are allowed on the platform. It has been observed that an equal number of males and females use the platform.

Race and ethnicity of the members

All the members using LoveAndSeek are religious Christians, and most of them look for long term relationships. Caucasian, as well as the African-American population, use the platform. Users may be of Canadian, American, European, or African ethnicities.

Religious Background of the members

As LoveAndSeek is meant for religious Christians looking for partners, it is evident that all the members using the platform practice Christianity. All of the members are involved in the Church in some way, and this involvement is also provided as a filter to choose a match by the platform.

Features of LoveAndSeek

Features of LoveAndSeek

The website offers some of the best features and helps you to find the perfect match.

  1. Profile-

As mentioned above, your profile elaborately describes your personality and helps other people with similar interests find you. You can find a perfect match for you by looking at other people’s profiles.

  1. Video Introduction

You can record a brief video of yourself describing yourself in the best possible way. This feature helps to build a personal connection and also lets the users know each other intimately. Also, this feature guarantees the authenticity of the profile. This feature is a unique one in the list of faith-based dating websites.

  1. Instant Match

This feature is like that of modern-day online dating websites. With this feature, you are shown several profiles in succession according to the preferences set by you. Then get to decide and specify whether you are interested in the profile or not. If both of you show interest, it is a match!

  1. Profiles without pictures are hidden

As mentioned above, those profiles without a profile picture are hidden. Due to this, only the authentic, genuine, and dangerous members’ profiles show up.Also, it encourages every user to upload a profile picture.

  1. Instant messages

If you are a premium user, you can send instant messages and chat live with the profiles that you like.

  1. Mail messages

You can also contact the profiles that you like through email.

  1. Dating advice

This feature is handy to all the members of the platform, especially the new ones in the world of online dating. LoveAndSeek offers you expert and experienced personalized dating advice. This feature is an essential guide in your quest for a soulmate.

  1. Favorites list

You can add the profiles that you like to your favorites list so that you can easily access them later.

  1. Who do you like?

Using this feature, you can compare two profiles and choose one. The website will place the profile photos side by side so that you can choose one.

  1. Flirt

This option lets you send ‘flirts’ to the profiles that interest you to draw their attention.

Is The Website Safe And Secured?

Is The Website Safe And Secured?
  • The critical feature under this title is that on LoveAndSeek, you can choose not to disclose your real name and use a ‘username’ specially made for the website.
  • You can view who checked your profile out. However, you have no control over who views your profile.
  • If someone makes you uncomfortable and proves to be a nuisance, you can effectively block that user. He/she will no longer be able to contact you.
  • However, no background checks are conducted on users. So, there is every possibility that they might not be who they claim they are. It is advisable to use video introduction features to check if a profile is legit.

Is LoveAndSeek genuine?

The website has been there since the 2000s and has a lot of satisfied customers. The parent company of this website owns other popular dating websites like Tinder and is an expert in this field. The website can be trusted and is a legit service.

Subscription and pricing of the website

The website offers two types of memberships.

  1. Free
  2. Premium

Using LoveAndSeek is quite affordable. The website has very reasonable costing as compared to other similar platforms. The pricing goes as follows-

  1. $16.99 (US) for one month
  2. $36.97 (US) for three months. You save 27% by paying for three months at once.
  3. $53.94 (US) for six months. You save 47% by paying for six months at once.

You can pay via PayPal or credit card. Subscription automatically renews every month.

Free membership features

Free membership features

LoveAndSeek offers several features to the free members. Free members can do the following things-

  1. View other people’s profile
  2. Add profiles to their favorites
  3. Send flirts

Premium membership features

Premium members have access to the following features-

View all the profiles

Send instant messages

Send emails

View the flirts sent to them

Premium members are highlighted and listed above the free members

Premium members can view and send video introductions.

View who has bookmarked you.

How is the layout of the site

How is the layout of the site

The website has a functional design. For ease of navigation, the tabs on the top are arranged according to their function. At the left are the inbox and your connections, while on the right, users who are currently online are displayed.

When you search members, they are displayed in a grid. There is a save button available beside each profile.

How is the Mobile Application?

For those who do not have access to a PC, LoveAndSeek has provided an up to date mobile app. The app is available on Android as well as iOS. You can download it from the respective app stores.

The mobile app sports all the features that the website has. However, it has been observed that most of the users prefer the desktop version, and hence the mobile app has low member activity.

How To Contact the website?

Company– IAC/InterActive Corp

Address- West 18th street, 11th avenue, Chelsea, Manhattan, New York


To conclude, the website is excellent and should be your first choice if you are looking for a suitable Christian partner. So try out LoveAndSeek today.

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