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For country people, it remains equally open to the cities as well Matches

Muddy Matches Overview

Muddy Matches
Muddy Matches
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Muddy Matches
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  • Niche dating website
  • Free registration
  • Although Muddy Matches is for country people, it remains equally open to the cities as well
  • Advanced search filters
  • Strict account verification
  • High activity
  • Balanced gender distribution
  • Free profile browsing
  • Free App for both Android and Apple devices
  • Messaging is a paid feature
  • Gender distribution imbalanced
  • UK-based dating app, no global reach
  • Long registration process

Introduction To Countryside Dating

Lucy and Emma are the two sisters behind, making the Muddy Matches come from the countryside of Northamptonshire. When they moved to London, they found difficulty in dating. Every dating site they joined was too city-like for them. They were unable to find people with an open mindset who could match with them. Realizing the issue, they came up with the idea to create Muddy Matches in 2007.

The dating site is not a place for countryside people alone. It has a unique base that creates a meeting ground for the townies and muddies to meet and match. The mentality of the people is the unique factor on the dating platform Muddy Matches. People coming from both ends have an open mind and interest in each other’s culture, background, and lifestyle.

Introduction To Countryside Dating

Registration Process For The New User Signup

Registration, just like on any other dating site, is compulsory on Muddy Matches as well. When you visit the dating site, the front page has a registration form made available always for new users aside from the link to log in. The new user registration form has a few fields that one needs to answer to sign up for the dating site. The fields ask for the user’s first name, last name, email id for logging in, and set a new password for the account. Once you hit the complete button, you realize that it is not complete and instead only the beginning of the process.

Unlike other dating websites, the registration process on Muddy Matches is quite a long process. There are five steps that one needs to cover to finally get access to the dating site as a free user. Each of the steps requires different information. From physical attributes to personal information like date of birth, location, Muddy Matches has many questions to define a user’s personality. One of the unique features in the registration process is where the user is required to mention if he or she is muddy or townie on a scale. The pointer on the scale makes things interesting as it allows some users to be 30% townie and 70% muddy and some other 100% of something. It entirely depends on the user to stop the pointer on the scale.

Registration Process For The New User Signup

Profile Quality And Interface

The user profiles on Muddy Matches are detailed and need to be filled compulsorily. However, they can be edited anytime. What is unique about the site is that all the standard and related questions on the profile are stacked up in one section. The existence of sections like Appearance, Background, and Lifestyle increases the readability of the profiles. One can upload as many pictures as they want on their Muddy Matches profile, but the dating platform shows only three of them. Apart from all the fields, the platform also offers a section where users can freely express themselves using words in their bio. The profile interface, despite its being so detailed, gives a clean, organized, and comprehensive look, making it look easy on the eye.

The profiles on Muddy Matches are filled and are mostly of high-quality. Although adding profile photos isn’t necessary, there are hardly any users without them. It shows the quality of the site and the profiles, but it also shows how serious they are in finding relationships. A quick analysis shows that Muddy Matches is where people look for serious commitments and not casual hookups.

Profile Quality And Interface

How To Connect And Match

Muddy Matches is a straightforward dating site with no complicated features. The dating site offers its users a wide range of search filters that allows them to search for their partners in varied ways. From ethnicity, race, eye color to even muddy-townie ratio, the search filters are worth the user’s time. It allows the users to customize their search results and find people they can share their minds with on the site. People can even be added to a favorite list—however, nothing else users can do for free. The only way to get attention from other people is by sending them direct messages. However, it is a paid service and requires premium membership on Muddy Matches. Unlike other dating sites, Muddy Matches does not boast of any other free communication tools like sending or showing interest offered on other dating websites.

How To Connect And Match

Member Details And Distribution

Muddy Matches is a UK based dating platform, which is why it attracts its audience from the country itself. However, along with people from the UK, one gets to see a fair number of people from Ireland. Muddy Matches have more than Two-Fifty Hundred Thousands of members on its platform, of which close to 50,000 show regular activity. The dating site can thus be considered a place with an enormous amount of activity, assuring users of matches and conversations on the platform. Although the gender distribution on the platform is imbalanced, contrary to the widespread expectations, Muddy Matches is more prevalent amongst women across all age groups. It could be good news for the men on the site, considering more options and less competition.

Member Details And Distribution

User Age Distribution

An analysis of Muddy Matches shows that the website boasts of various age groups on its platform. From the youngest to the oldest, the site has everyone trying to find a date connected to their roots. Although the minimum age limit to register with Muddy Matches is 18yrs no upper limit or maximum age group participates in the site. It is surprising to notice how varied the audience on the website is in terms of age. However, there is one age group that shows a clear dominance on the site, and that is not the young, but unlike most dating websites, it is the middle-aged group. The maximum number of the audience joining Muddy Matches belongs to the age group of 45-54 years. Although, as mentioned before, the age groups like 25-34 yrs, 35 to 44yrs, 55+, and of course, the super young 18- 24 yrs do not disappoint as well.

The Muddy Matches dating site is open for all sexes and sexuality. However, not many people having any sexuality other than Heterosexuality are noticed on the site. Thus, even though the site owners allow allowance, there isn’t much to expect from the audience in terms of different sexualities. One can join and give it a try. Still, because of the lesser numbers, there is no point in expecting a reasonable activity rate and fast responses on the site from people having a different sexuality.

Sexual Preference And Popular Sexuality On The Site

One should know that the Muddy Matches is purely the UK based, and thus, there is not much difference in races or ethnicities that one should expect from the audience. The audience distribution shows the exact trend that the UK population shows in terms of race. And although the blacks are found in much lesser numbers on the site, they have a strong presence. Apart from bringing in the much-needed variations from the whites, they make the dating platform colored. And it is just not the Blacks that should get the credit; again, despite being in the severe minority, the presence of Asians adds up to the variety.

Religious Beliefs And Orientation Of The Members

While considering the popular religious beliefs followed by the audience of Muddy Matches, one name could be put out, and that is Catholic. However, that is not the only religion that one finds on the dating site. Again, in the lesser numbers, their presence is what makes Muddy Matches colorful and mixed. It is why the users shouldn’t feel shocked to meet their matches following Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, or Judaism, apart from Catholic beliefs.

Religious Beliefs And Orientation Of The Members

Muddy Matches Special Features And Services

Muddy Matches is a simple dating site that doesn’t come with many unique features that other dating sites boast of in general, and even the messaging is a paid feature. However, some features are unique to the site only that makes the dating platform special and different from others in the industry.

  • Dating Tips

Muddy Matches has a separate blog section where the makers make posts dating tips for men and women trying for a relationship through online dating. The blogs are written on various interesting topics that cover various aspects of online dating and tips to impress on first dates, conversations, etc.

  • Articles

The dating site also has an impressive list of articles on dating country folks. Love stories, experiences, and suggestions help the townie people understand the country folks in a much better way and learn and try the right tricks to impress them.

  • Tips, Advice & Suggestions For Online Safety

Muddy Matches is not very impressive when it comes to keeping the scammers and fake profile users at bay. However, the makers do realize the risks related to fake users and the importance of online safety. Muddy Matches maintains a section for safety to help users, where it updates tips and advice that users must follow to stay protected from fake users and scammers.

  • General Data Protection Regulation

There is a separate section called the GDPR Hub on Muddy Matches. The section talks about the General Data Protection Regulation, a section or more like a page that Muddy Matches added to their Privacy Policy. The GDPR Hub discusses and highlights all the ways the site helps in protecting user data.

  • Muddy Townie Quiz

The Muddy Townie quiz is a fun quiz game developed by the team of Muddy Matches that, based on the user’s answers, shows how muddy and townie they are with a small description. It could be a good time pass but also worth sharing with the world.

  • Success Stories

The name of the section says it all, isn’t it? The success stories are more like testimonials of people who have successfully found love and relationships out from Muddy Matches. Inspiring stories can make online dating much easier and not forget; there may be tips that one can try as well.

  • Events

Another unique feature of Muddy Matches is that the dating site organizes various events for the townies and the muddies. They help the users connect and take their relationship to the next level by giving them opportunities to meet and find new dates.

Muddy Matches Special Features And Services

How Safe Is The Dating Site?

Muddy Matches has a manual verification system, which is compulsory. It means every user account goes through a verification system by the team. However, passing through the procedure with a green signal isn’t very difficult. The criteria to pass and get verified are simple and do not truly authenticate a person, which is why the rise of fake profiles on the dating site remains unaffected. Muddy Matches writes and updates a few tricks and tips for its users to combat the issue independently. A separate blog section that purely talks about the safety in dating sites along with an added General Data Protection Regulation Hub helps the users get a transparent image of the dating site.

Is Muddy Matches A Legit Dating Website?

Despite having an image for being a hub of many fake profiles, Muddy Matches also boasts of good profile quality at the same time. The good profiles are what is behind the name and the popularity of the dating site. Of course, it is also a unique idea that helps the city folks connect with the muddies. Also not to forget the people who come from the countryside to the cities and look for like-minded people nearby to date. The growing popularity of Muddy Matches in the United Kingdom as a dating site for a niche audience with a particular need and mindset speaks bundles about its trustworthiness.

Is Muddy Matches A Legit Dating Website?

Subscription Price & Premium Membership

Muddy Matches, as mentioned before, does not confuse people with complicated features. The dating site sticks to the basics for easy comprehension by both the townies and the muddies. And to keep things simple, the Muddy Matches offers messaging as the only communication tool for its users. However, that tool is only available at a cost. Free communication is not possible on the dating site, and thus, one has to purchase the premium membership on Muddy Matches to make use of it to find dates.

Muddy Matches Subscription Price & Plans
Expiry Cost Price
One Month 24 GBP 24 GBP
Three Months 15 GBP 45 GBP
Six Months 11.50 GBP 69 GBP
Twelve Months 7.50 GBP 90 GBP

Subscription Price & Premium Membership

Free Features For The Standard Membership

The entire dating site, apart from just one feature, although important, is available for free. Starting from the exciting and fun quiz, informative blogs, and the invites cum dates of the exciting events, Muddy Matches offers them for free. Apart from the special features, even the essential services are available at no cost as well. For example, setting up a user profile, uploading photographs, user verification, unlimited browsing, and creating a favorite list.

Muddy Matches is straight to the point and does not complicate things for the users when making their website premium. The makers are clear that they want to monetize their dating platform, blocking the communication channel and making the entire dating process useless. Because everyone knows, the basis of online dating starts with communication.

However, Muddy Matches allows users to browse through the profiles and view the photographs of users uploaded by them at no cost. But paying opens up the much-needed and can say the soul and heart of a dating site, the instant messenger that allows real-time messaging between users. Unlike many dating sites, Muddy Matches charges for both reading and sending messages to people. Although, there is an exclusive package that one can purchase along with the plans at an added price. It makes reading their messages free for the people whom the user is sending. Depending on the plan, one is interested in buying a month that can cost anywhere from 24GBP to 7.5GBP. Remember that it is the larger packs that cost you less. And while the plans are rated above than average, they can be paid using Credit Cards.

Design & User Interface Of The Website

Keeping the target audience in mind, mostly the muddy people or, in other words, people from the countryside, the design of Muddy Matches kept a particularly simple and old school. The absence of too many features helps the website have the desired uncomplicated and straightforward user interface devoid of multiple tabs and sections.

The Dating App For The Muddies & Townies

The Muddy Matches dating app is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store for free downloads. The app uses the same theme colors and a similar design for its interface to maintain its uniformity with the website version. There is neither any extra nor any missing features in the dating app. The only difference is that it is optimized for the mobile screen.

Contact Details

Company Name: Muddy Matches Ltd

Address: Paddock View, Grange Farm, Nr Wellingborough, Northants, NN29 7HJ

Phone: N/A

Email: [email protected]

Final Words

Muddy Matches is a unique dating website that gives its users mixed backgrounds and countryside to find a perfect match for their mindset. It also helps them meet and socialize with like-minded people through the various events Muddy Matches organize from time to time. Keeping things simple and straight to the point with fewer and less complicated features on its platform, Muddy Matches serves as an excellent platform for the Muddies and Townies.

Although the price of the subscription may not seem worth it initially, the target audience facing issues that Muddy Matches promises to solve may take a trial. With the success stories, dating tips, and genuine profiles on the dating platform, the expense may become worth spending. At least once in a while, as most people on the platform are looking for serious relationships. It means that there will be no regular spending requirement once the user finds his/her match. And although there is a risk of running into fake profile users, the Muddy Matches team tries their best to help you avoid them and report them with their helpful safety advice in the Muddy Matches blog section.

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