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Online dating application where users can be ordinary people who areinteresting and talented

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  • Download the application for free;
  • Celebrities use this app;
  • All users are verified;
  • Member security and privacy comes first;
  • The app is cheap, in comparison to others;
  • The presence of users both from the USA and from other countries.
  • The app is available only for iOS;
  • Paid subscription;
  • Great influence of your Instagram profile on your dating in the app;
  • Confirms participants who are successful in their field: doctors, filmmakers, poets, and artists, etc.

Raya was developed in 2015 and is an exclusive online dating application where users can be ordinary people who are interesting and talented, as well as celebrities and rich people. To get into the application, you must be recommended by a member of the Raya community. In Raya, people are more stylish, friendly, and cute than in other apps. Only twenty-five profiles can be viewed at a time. Users who have been granted permission to create an account with Raya wonder how to start dating a celebrity if the app suddenly suggests a match? The main thing is not to get lost; you need to leave a positive impression, be sincere and do not lie, even if you are worried and nervous about the fact that you are talking to a celebrity and maybe in the future you will go out. Your application is evaluated according to several criteria:

  • Information about who recommended you;
  • The number of active Raya users who follow you on Instagram;
  • The number of Instagram followers in general.

The application offers high-quality communication at the top level, so users can feel secure. Users can start chatting after they mutually like each other. You can also upload stories with your favorite music tracks in your profile. Raya is for those who have a narrow social circle, few social contacts. If you think about it, it is quite difficult to meet someone who would like you and who you would like. Raya gives you a chance to meet people from a different social circle, and often a country, thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful meeting.

How does it work?

How does it work?

To become a member of the Raya application, you will need to pass the selection, along with your application, you must send a recommendation. A committee of five hundred people decides whether you become a member of the application or not. You have to stand out from the rest of the participants, as many celebrities of show business and the film industry are registered in the application. Waiting for registration is a usual part of the process, as more than 100,000 people want to become users of the application. Still, only 8% of them are approved, so the number of users is small compared to other popular dating applications. If your application is approved, you will be able to correspond and meet interesting and successful people. Raya provides an opportunity to meet successful people whom you will not meet in real life.

Sign-Up & Login Process

If you want to become a member of Raya, you need to download the application to your iPhone or Ipad. To create an account, you must apply for it. You can find detailed information about the application on the Raya website. Your application will be studied in a period from 1 day to several months. It is not easy to become a member of Raya. You must have a large number of followers on Instagram. If any celebrity follows you, you will have a chance to get a positive response to registration in Raya. When applying, to obtain a consent for your account creation, you must go through a verification process. To do this, you will need to provide your valid mobile phone number. If your application is confirmed, you will receive a notification via email. After that, you will need to fulfill a simple registration form. You will have to enter some basic information about yourself:

  • Name;
  • Sex;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Email;
  • Location;
  • Occupation

Agree to the terms of security and confidentiality and begin the process of filling out the Raya profile.

Profile interface

Profile interface

It won’t take you long to create a Raya profile, upload photos, or sync them with your Instagram profile. The profiles of Raya members are very easy to view; there is an option to enlarge the photos and study the appearance of a member in detail. When viewing profile photos, you can rate them and like or dislike them. You can also set the mode for what purposes you created your profile, for “social” or “working” features. If you chose the “social” mode, it means that you are looking for friendship and relationships, if you chose the “work” mode, that means you want to get to know people to establish professional connections, advance your career. It is also possible to switch from the “social” mode to the “working” mode after.


Communication between members in the Raya application is possible with sending unlimited private messages; for this, you need to purchase a paid premium subscription. The messages tab shows information about sent and received messages. There is another tab showing which of the participants is near to you at the same location. You also need to adhere to some rules. For example, users should be polite to each other, you risk being blocked for disrespect. Every time the user opens the application, a window pops up on his screen, reminding him that he will be blocked if he uses vulgar words. Messages with violent sentences will not be poured into your message box.

The match system in the Raya app works based on your location. Therefore, when registering, you must indicate your location because the comparisons are based on geographic data. You can turn off visibility at any time and become invisible if you are not in the mood for communication and dating.

Raya dating app features

Raya dating app features

Raya’s special function is to set “social” and “working” modes. If you chose the “social” mode, it means that you are looking for friendship and relationships, if you chose the “work” mode, then it means that you want to get to know people, to establish professional connections, advance your career. It is also possible to switch from the “social” mode to the “working” mode afterward.

Safety & Security

The Raya app has a complex and long profile confirmation that can take several months. Therefore, the application is reliable, you will not find bots or people creating fake profiles here. The creators of Raya care about their users’ safety and do their best to isolate their users from scammers. What sets Raya apart from others is its privacy, which is closely monitored. “Anyone who publicly discusses something or divulges the names of those who are using the application will be immediately removed. It is a world that must be kept in secret at any cost”- this is the main appeal of the app creator. If you do decide to get acquainted, don’t forget about the precautions: do not share personal information (phone number, address) before the first meeting, make the first meetings in public places, do not get into the car with strangers, remind your friends or family about where you go. These are simple safety rules that have not bothered anyone yet.

Is Raya legit or scam service?

Is Raya legit or scam service?

The Raya app is legal and complies with the rules determined by the law of the country the app was developed. Raya is a registered online dating service provider in many countries of the world.

Subscription types and price

The Raya application provides its users with paid and free subscriptions. The Raya paid subscription is very cheap, and by purchasing it, the user will be able to enjoy it fully.

Free membership

Free Raya subscription includes:

  • Sending a registration application;
  • Downloading the app;
  • Registration process itself;
  • Profile creation
  • Turning off the profile visibility;
  • Sending messages in unlimited quantities;
  • Viewing members’ profiles

Cost of paid membership:

The Raya subscription can only be purchased for one month term.

Monthly subscription cost is- $9.99

Users can purchase a subscription using a credit bank card. To deactivate a paid subscription, the user must contact customer support and send them a request to cancel the subscription.

Website design and usability

Website design and usability

The Raya application has a concise and simple interface. Even if you are not good with technology features, you will still understand the functions of the app. Navigation makes it easier for the user to use the application. The functions are intuitively simple, and with their help, you can easily use the application. If you have any questions about using the application, you can find answers on the Raya app .

Mobile application

The Raya application is available only for users with an Apple mobile device or tablet and iOS operating system. You can download the application in the App Store. Enter the name of the “Raya” application in the search field, click on the icon that appears for the application. Wait until the application is downloaded to your phone or tablet. After the application is downloaded to your mobile device, you can start the verification process. Your application will be approved; you can create your account and start getting to know other users of the application.

Contact information

  • Company: Raya
  • Address:
  • Phone


In today’s world, dating apps are a must. People are busy with work, self-development; in the eternal haste, there is not enough time to look around. The main advantage of dating apps and sites is that there is no constraint threshold. As for the minuses, it can only be noted that it is easier to hide your real self behind an online profile, both externally and internally. The total number of mobile users of dating applications is more than 25 million people. Today, mobile dating apps are, perhaps, the most versatile and affordable tools for the majority. This is the same dating site, but adapted for smartphones. The popularity of the application depends on how comfortable and easy it is to use it. The Raya app is almost the most secret dating service in the world. It is understandable because the application has a corresponding contingent: actors, directors, musicians, photographers, and many other interesting people of creative professions. To pass the hard “face control” in Raya, you need to either provide a recommendation from a participant already accepted into the community or show your own, necessarily popular and promoted Instagram. Raya is not just a search for your soul mate. It is an opportunity to find friends and business partners to participate in interesting events. Whereas 20 years ago people met in person, today millions of users communicate in dating apps, meet, create families or just spend time together. If you are in favor of high security and you are a supporter of exclusive membership, you should choose the Raya app.

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